Visit TCF

We know that when you visit any place for the first time — whether it’s a modern restaurant in the city to a timeless antique shop in a small town — you can sometimes feel like an outsider. But before you ever visit TCF, the members and elders have already prayed for you, in advance, and we look forward to making you feel welcome, while also not intruding into your space too much.


We maintain a casual, relaxed atmosphere that is free of formalities and judgment so that all visitors can feel welcome. As a community of like-minded believers, we encourage you to come early and enjoy coffee while conversing with others.


Throughout Scripture, we see that pure worship is intended for God alone in adoration of His holiness, faithfulness, power, and provision. Therefore, worship services at TCF center around God and His Word. Each service begins with worshipping God through song. The WAVE band, a small group of experienced musicians, leads us in contemporary worship music and traditional hymns.


The main focus of each service is teaching and learning God’s Word. TCF practices an expository style of preaching with a rotation of elders leading the church body through the Bible verse by verse.