Our Pillars

God's Word

This church shall strive to declare and protect the whole counsel of God's Word, by proclaiming the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, by establishing and teaching sound doctrine, and by exhorting individuals and families to engage in and promote the personal study of God's Word, for through these means we guard the truth entrusted to us for this and following generations.


This church desires to offer up to God the worship that He so richly deserves as our Creator, Savior, and Lord, humbly worshiping Him in spirit and truth with a desire to please Him. The word of God instructs us to worship Him in many ways: through the public preaching and reading of the Word of God, through praising Him in word and song, with instruments, through prayer and thanksgiving, through joyful giving, and through our loving obedience in all things. An important part of our worship is keeping the two ordinances which Christ Jesus gave us: the baptism of believers by immersion as a solemn testimony of salvation and the celebration of the Lord's Table as a proclamation of the Lord's death until He comes again. We confess that God alone is worthy of our worship, and that we are to worship no other.

One Another

This church is to build up, protect, and minister to one another in love through discipline and training, serving one another’s physical and spiritual needs, meeting together regularly, purifying itself by exercising corrective church discipline, and through praying for, encouraging, loving, and admonishing one another.

Making Disciples

This church is to make disciples by teaching the Word of God and demonstrating it through our daily living so that believers grow in their love of Christ, in their obedience to His word, in their anticipation of His return, and in their ability and desire to proclaim His gospel. Those whom God saves we are to baptize and bring into the body so that they may grow and make disciples also.


The members of this church, individually and as a body, shall seek to evangelize unbelievers by proclaiming and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. This church must also be an example of true biblical Christianity to the community by our lives as demonstrated in our God-centered relationships with other believers, our families, employers and employees, as well as in our obedience to leaders in governments and in the church.


The church grows as believers discover how they are gifted by the Holy Spirit and operate as servants. The members of this church shall seek to be engaged in ministering in the body of Christ.